Below is the letter I received from the IRS regarding the (Un)Affordable Care Act tax I am being charged and penalized.  My response follows the charges.


20 January 2017

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
Kansas City, MO   64999-0002

Dear IRS rep,

Because someone names something affordable, like the Affordable Care Act, does not mean that it is affordable when one has no income.  Why is that?  Because some others in the same group decided to give tax credits to corporations when they offshore jobs.  Why is that?  Because some rich people decided they could get richer by using cheaper labor in foreign lands and wiping out the middle income earners.

Now I’m penalized for not having health care.  Why?  So others in this country can have health care.  When was the last time I visited a doctor?  2007 and I smoke more than a pack of cigarettes a day.  That’s yet another penalty.

That’s also the year I lost my career job of a quarter century.  What did I do?  I learned that my career had been saturated with workers who also lost their jobs.  In 2008, there was 80% supply of Project Managers with a 20% demand for them.  I had just turned 50 a couple years prior, now I was supposed to compete in a saturated job market full of age discrimination.  I learned this at the job center where they could not place me.

So, after researching a new career path, I deduced that my dream job was a possibility in Florida where I live.  During a conference call meeting with the Florida Film Commission, I learned that Florida had a tax credit that was profitable to the state and it created many jobs across the state.  This was a successful and profitable program that generated millions of dollars in economic stimulus to communities, local jobs, and an opportunity to work with professional movie makers.

I started a Valencia College degree program for Film Technology in 2009 and worked in the motion picture department on a work-study program.  I took out a loan to cover the cost of this two-year degree and graduated with 4.0 GPA in 2011.  I was generating a low wage income but I had saved enough to make it through school and was working on movies until 2012 when the Florida legislature terminated the tax credits for the Florida motion picture industry.  The Koch brothers funded this.

I have been unemployed now since then and have had no job interviews nor career opportunities since then.  I have requested from the Department of Education that my student loan be forgiven and/or reimbursed so that I can survive living on the remaining assets I have.  My 401K will not last many more years and I turn 61 this coming May.

Now this enclosed IRS letter I received says you want me to pay this ACA tax that I don’t even use.  This is sucking my remaining income for the health of someone else who can afford it.  Besides a $75 per month tax, there should be an unaffordable option for people who have been screwed by the government in multiple directions.  Also, why is there a penalty for smoking but none for obesity, alcoholism, or prescription addictions?  This is taxation without representation.

I worked 25 years so that I would have retirement funds but instead my government wants to tax and penalize me for something I haven’t needed in 10 years.  I’m paying taxes on income I saved so I could retire but instead I’m using it to feed and house our family.  These days I spend $100 per quarter to have my teeth deep cleaned at the dentist so I can keep my teeth.  Isn’t that a better investment in my health?

Please send me the forms for opting out of the ACA tax.  I’m hopeful that the incoming US president retroactively repeals ACA and I can reduce my 2014 IRS tax debt from the ACA taxes and penalties.  With no career income in the foreseeable future, these taxes are depleting my savings and increasing my debt that I will never be able to pay back.  I’ll be homeless before I die.

Is this the “American Dream?”

Frank Gould
P.O. Box 608516
Orlando, Florida  32860-8516

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