LRSN Resignation Letter 2017

7 November 2017

President Lee Road Safe Neighborhood
5305 Sumerset Street

Dear Tom Rowell;

Per the LRSN Bylaws, I am submitting my resignation as secretary to you as president effective immediately. I have spent over a year attempting to motivate and engage residents and county reps to improve our neighborhoods but this has failed to result with any success. I take pride in my few small accomplishments, such as the 501c3 certification, Bylaws, and other documentation, and hope my contributions will be useful to LRSN in the future.

The reason for my resignation at this time is that on 2 November 2017 Orange County leadership rejected our final revitalization proposal for our neighborhood park. In addition, I have failed to engage community participation and volunteers to help with any projects, a board member failed to apologize for a screaming and cursing tantrum at me while I attempted to accomplish my job as secretary, this same member escalated a board-internal conflict to the county concluding in negative and unnecessary results, and I have not received reimbursement for my expenses for the park proposal printing I incurred 9 October 2017. will need to be updated, when submitting annual fees in January, to reflect my resignation and remove my post office box as the official address. In the interim, I will forward all correspondences I receive to your address unless otherwise instructed, as I’ve also sent a paper copy of this resignation letter to that address for confirmation. I will not be attending any future LRSN community meetings.

Any documentation you need going forward can be found on the LRSN Google Drive. In the email I’m sending that corresponds to the printed resignation letter, that email address account (also below) can be accessed with the same password. I have also published Word docx files on the site for anyone needing the source files to edit in the future.

Before the end of this week, I will inform those with whom I’ve worked in the past of my resignation. I will also stop monitoring the account when someone new starts monitoring it, and until then will forward email to whomever you request me to send future LRSN email I receive. I will also deliver, to whomever you designate, the five weather radios donated by Orange County for the upcoming LRSN survey rewards.

Please understand I have no negative feelings towards any board members, LRSN members, county reps, nor the community. I say this because I want you to understand that violence today requires me to assure you I will not react nor retaliate against anyone, as I’ve witnessed other citizens act in this country. I feel I did the best I possibly could but the apathy and lack of engagement failed to produce any progress we’ve proposed.

I wish you the best of luck in the future.


Frank Gould