Goddard Ave Life 28 October 2017

Just a couple days ago, they finally picked up all the huge debris piles along the side roads and our driveway.  Now there’s just a few more construction jobs that are not a rush and can wait until after the roof is replaced.

That’ll turn out to be somewhat of an advantage with insurance to help with the roof expense.  In fact, the roofing company that came out was amazed we already had the appraisal and he knew a lot of people who were still waiting for the adjuster.  Except now I’m waiting for a callback from State Farm about one item they missed.

Which brings me to another technology failure that happened right before the storm, my phone stopped ringing.  So I contact ting support and we go through a few basic phone resets, they sent me a replacement SIM card, and it still didn’t work.  The storm hit and Troy’s phone started failing, so I figured there might be additional storm impact on the tower and waited a few days before contacting ting again.  I called apple support and their remote diagnostics said the hardware was all operational.  When I emailed the ting guy, he was stumped because T-Mobile reports said the signals were all good.

That’s when I told the ting guy they need to send someone out in the field to check the signal instead of some stupid app that’s saying it’s good.  Within about a week, my phone started ringing again.  I’m still having conversations drop out for about 30 seconds and the call stays connected but it makes it impossible to have a long conversation because it also garbles words.  Which is why this email is long and until I get this dropping to stop, I’ll need to write, though a call would be better when it works.

While on a technology vent, I was recently told by a pastor and my financial services consultant that their email services were down for a week or two.  Because there have been others losing my email, I’ve told people I followup after sending email to confirm it was received.  That prompted me to write an email back to my financial services rep saying “digital phones and email SUCK.”  As my father always called it, “modern inconvenience.”

Glad to hear your house situations are good and your family is nearby and not a plane’s throw away.

We are so sorry to hear about Nancy and send our condolences to you all.  I always enjoyed seeing Nancy when we got together.  She was a fun person, like Cathy, and witty personality.  I’m sure she’s missed by all.

Oh, the news thing that you mentioned is something that would be nice to have coverage from all areas in the US, like your tree topplings.  Same thing happened here with local coverage of even the Keys and Tampa Bay area.  Because of the rapid fire hurricanes, they dropped Irma recovery coverage and we never heard how much damage happened in those areas except from Facebook friends who know people there.

As for Facebook, I’m still a minimalist there and have a couple dozen “friends” that I continue to drop because I only use FB to read the news (that didn’t cover Irma recovery either).  I’m probably considered a troll there because I primarily lampoon the news feeds, criticize News channels grammar & semantics, and occasionally get called a moron.  The other reason for FB is to communicate through a different channel to talk about Nextdoor with a nearby Lead.

Which is a segue into that dysfunctional mess that is an emotional roller coaster of users, and why I need a separate channel (I dropped Skype because it kept hanging up my laptop, so FB replaced it).  To me, Nextdoor is still evolving because the etiquette ranges from no cussing to community belief systems and emotions in between.  We’re dealing with a clique of College Park residents who range from religious old widows to snappy young guys who like to show off and push the envelope to cat fanatics who want to release cats in neighborhoods.

Fortunately, we have the county on our side for the releasing but some of these fanatics start baiting what they call, and I quote exactly:  “Cat haters!!!”  This thread is just finishing up and it generated an email from Nextdoor yesterday to me to admonish me to follow the guidelines.  This made me laugh because the original post was asking why comments had been removed by Leads, to bait “cat haters” to start a fight.

Well, what I had decided to do with the original post was to show an example of how these comment removals were determined by Leads and figured another culture that might just be too extreme would expose their emotions and offensiveness, instead of just writing that.  So I mocked the original poster who was commenting to stir the fight, then I mentioned that in Peru they serve a grilled guinea pig delicacy that tastes like frog legs.

Everyone went berserk.  They commented about how insensitive I am about cats and vegans being so offended by eating meat.  The original poster came back at me through PMs to tell me I had no right to post those things on her thread and all kinds of crap.  Leads reported my comments as offensive and unneighborly; however,  some of my previously established “friends” voted NOT to remove my reported posts.  Which is when I commented the answer to the original poster’s question:  “Why are informational posts regarding cats being deleted from this site?”

Turns out they’re just baiting one another to see how far someone will go in his/her comments.  No cussing, no listening, no remembering, and negative emotional reaction to something different, outside their bubbles.  So I told Nextdoor they need a baiting or picking fights option to remove the original post.  Why these users might think I’m doing it for personal or emotional gain is because they can’t see why their comment is removed and other Leads are not allowed to share that info.  My report reasons in most cases are because they promote releasing cats and that’s illegal.  Today, the original why question post is gone.

I also am trying to use Nextdoor for the Lee Road Safe Neighborhood which I’m volunteering as secretary and is another dysfunctional mess.  I finally yanked the 501c3 paperwork from the VP in May and got IRS approval in July.  Now we’re having privacy paranoia and data hoarding problems with a VP having menopausal health complications.  This is the last person in our community that I’m wrestling back into completing her tasks on time and stop procrastinating until last minute creating emergencies – a project manager’s nightmare.  She has now proven she is the primary reason members complained to me that the board never accomplished anything.

What motivates me started in March when I found 12-acres of four vacant properties, one parcel Troy and I had considered in 2000 to buy but the ground was too organic to build there.  I now have the directors of the county Public Works and Park & Recs engaged to create a feasibility study of the four parcels to become a community park.  I’ve had two meetings with our county commissioner who is a conservationist and who setup the first meeting with the directors.

What is so ironic in local government is how they all just mush along.  After my first meeting with our commissioner, she said she’d schedule a meeting with these directors.  So, I left it there a few weeks then contacted her aides just to learn if anything was happening, knowing how slow and prod-prone they are.  Turned out they had scheduled the meeting but no one called or emailed to invite me.

Then after the directors and their managers, one of whom I had already met, were waiting outside for the commissioner, I learned they hadn’t received a copy of the presentation and there was no agenda.  After the commissioner arrives late, we all go into a conference room about 15 minutes later, the Parks director connects the keyboard to the presentation screen, and says “what now?”  So I took the keyboard and logged onto our LRSN site to pull up the pdf I had created over the last 3 months and proceed to go through my spiel, that I had to recall real time since it was about a month since I had read it in detail.  Phytoremediation was my magic word. 😉

That’s also what’s special about this project.  It’s an amalgamation of all my years learning business, ecology, and water management.  Here’s what the Parks director said, that was about the same as what the commissioner said in my first meeting with her about our proposal.

We are still discussing your proposal internally and are committed to giving you feedback and a recommended path forward. I recognize the significant effort you have put into the proposal and commend you for putting together a clear plan for us to review.

Fairview Shores Gardens and Park in the Heart of Lee Road Proposal

That’s about it for the last few months.  I’m glad I wrote this because I needed to aggregate all these loose ends in one doc (last time it was an email to my brother) and you gave me a great excuse to do so.  Which is another reason it took a while to reply.