Water Filter Failures

This saga shows my paranoia when it comes to plumbing that I had sworn to no longer perform as I recently learned how bad my soldering jobs concluded. The letter below accomplished my objective to determine if GE no longer worked and it was time for me to find a new water filter provider. In fact, this letter was also successful in refunding $50 to my credit card.

I ended up purchasing from Amazon.com the following water filter in October and just yesterday installed it under the kitchen sink. It took from June until the end of November to replace the filter cartridge because I feared I would not be successful.

3M Filtrete Water Filter Model 3US-PS01

My motivation? See below the letter…

17 September 2018

Herrell Plumbing
5613 East Colonial Drive
Orlando, Florida 32807-9979

Dear Customer Support Rep,

I had hoped to contact someone using email where it would be best for me to write an issue I have been troubled with since last Friday and wanted to think about it over the weekend.  Unfortunately this morning, I couldn’t find a contact form or email address to request a change that I would like to propose.

First, let me provide some details about my recent appointment with Robert to replace my GE water filter cartridge.  This goes back to June when I regularly replace the cartridge since the 1990s. But this time after I turned the water pressure back on, water spewed from around the water filter gasket.

I went back to Home Depot where one of their plumbing specialist said it should easily hand tighten, as I had experienced many times before.  I purchased a wrench to try tightening it tighter but that failed to make any difference and it continued to spew in the same place.

I returned to Home Depot to purchase a newer model that should take the new filter but no, it too spewed water out of the same place.  At that point, I returned everything I had tried and installed our second GE water filter to use in the meantime. Now that it has been a couple months since I installed it in July, I decided to try someone more experienced and professional than I am with plumbing.

That’s why I came to Herrell Plumbing to determine what to do next.  Robert experienced the same problem I had with the new cartridge and we both agreed there was a difference in the depth of the ends of the cartridge than the old.  Fortunately, he was able to install the old cartridge and we’re using that today.

The difficulty that I am having is the $125 price I paid for about 30 minutes of experiments and restoration.  In addition to that, I need to return this $30 cartridge but the package label was destroyed and I’ll have to spend more time matching the product that I’m returning with one in the store.

What I thought might be more reasonable price for Robert’s visit is $75, thus refunding me $50.  This is obviously a GE corporation anomaly and for me to pay this much money for their product failure seems unfair for a consumer, especially from a local vendor like Harrell Plumbing.

I propose this as a fair business gesture and continued customer in the future.  Thank you for your time.

Frank Gould
4525 Goddard Avenue
Orlando, Florida   32804-1137

While digging up Amorphophallus paeoniifolius bulbs, I tapped a water pipe and it gushed full pressure water out of the pipe that had not been glued. This was not a pipe I had installed, so it wasn’t my fault. Troy immediately shut the water off but not before it had filled the hole I had dug thus far. Below is a picture of before and after shots of my repair work, the day before installing the kitchen water filter. However, the before shot below is actually after I tried to reconnect the glue-missing pipe that failed because the elbow connector had broken open and spewed water with my first attempt to fix it. This picture is after capping off the pressure water so we could have water in the house.