Elderly Career Change

This page contains Frank Gould‘s timeline after losing his 25-year career on 1 June 2007 at the age of 51 and forced into early retirement. This layoff was the first of many million employees let go immediately before the Great Recession began. Because he was younger than 59½ at this time, he was forced to pay penalties on retirement income due to early withdrawal.

In this timeline, I have included documentation regarding my student loan forgiveness requests for recovering my life savings after the Florida State Legislature killed the motion picture industry in Florida. This motion picture business was the career change that I chose because it was profitable for the State of Florida and created thousands of jobs for Floridians, as evidenced in this document.

There are also family issues listed that include our assets and financial circumstances with my domestic partner Troy Mueller who over this time became disabled due to chronic anxiety attacks.

Note: The indented paragraphs below are either personal work and volunteer activities with italic fonts or a quote supporting my career decision point. Income, school, and debt issues and accomplishments are not indented. The personal work and volunteer activities are included to show my accomplishments during the timeline. That is, I did not sit idly by, but regularly searched and applied for job opportunities while volunteering my time and energy on projects I hoped might someday generate income. I have had no job interviews since 2013.

21 June 2007 – Troy called from Las Vegas today – misdiagnosed as dehydration at Robert Goule filming.

21 August 2007 – Accredited Project Management Professionals (PMP) certification.

9 September 2007 – Attended Right Management (Job placement services) presentation indicating 80% supply of Project Managers (PM) with 20% demand from businesses, local, national, and global. My qualifications included Global Project Management due to my extensive travel and experience but still found no job opportunities.

During this time, I spent my time learning video production and editing, volunteering to cleanup Central Florida waterways (created the ECO-Action PSA video below), creating video archive footage for Equality Florida, writing up a domestic partnership proposal for Orange County, and deciding a career move into video production. I took an aptitude test at Valencia College to confirm my career path decision.

July 2008 – Domestic Partner, Troy, moved back to Goddard home from Las Vegas.

2009 – Attended conference call confirming Florida tax credits profitable and jobs secured. This was a Florida Film Commission hosted call. Reports during that call are reflected in this Business Observer April 2009 article:

“Senate Bill 350, and its companion, House Bill 47, are the state’s latest efforts to garner a larger share of the high wage, high skills film industry that accounts for 207,800 jobs in Florida according to a recent study out of the University of West Florida in Pensacola. The report also cites a 2008 employment study claiming film industry jobs are projected to grow 20% in 10 years, higher than any other Florida industry cluster.”

20 July 2009 – Drafted Orange County Domestic Partnership Registry Strategic Plan during Equality Florida workshop and this proposal was later voted into law for Orlando and Orange County governments. During these meetings, I video recorded presentations, meeting operations that I provided to Equality Florida reps for historic archives.

September 2009 – Started Valencia College Film Production Technology degree and signed the contract for the associated Federal Student Loan debt.

During this time, I spent many days, nights, and midnight hours working on a new career in the motion picture industry. I used my life savings to invest in tools and devices for my career, as well as sustaining a family. I was also volunteering to captain the ECO-Action weekly canoe outings every Sunday until February 2011.

2 August 2011 – Completed Valencia College Film Production Technology degree, 4.0 GPA.

During this time I worked on two full-length feature movies eligible for Florida Tax Credit Incentives.

Frank Gould Project Manager Editor History video that describes Frank’s career up to this point and attempt for more freelance jobs.

Since 2012: “Republican-dominated House of Representatives – with the backing of the Koch brothers – refused to allocate any more money for the program, and [the motion picture tax credit incentive] ran out of money last year [2015].” This ended my video production income career with my final freelance job in 2013.

15 March 2013 – Won First Place Award for Student Films at the Palm Beach International Film Festival.

23 August 2013 – Attended the Film & Digital Media Legislative Workshop and Forum meeting at Disney’s Grand Floridian Hotel Convention Center hosted by Florida Film Commission to learn that the tax credits will be phased out unless this organization can select films that will be successful, which is more than any person on the planet can predict. My new college degree and student loan were now worthless.

October 2013-September 2014 – Worked for friends to generate some income to help them expand their product marketing and automate the family business called Cracker Creek, in Port Orange, Florida. We terminated our business relationship because one of the part owners decided to put brochures physically in Volusia-area hotels for marketing, rebuild their website with degraded content, and adding a wedding pavilion structure to increase revenue instead of taking my advice to broaden their market exposure (owners have since divorced).

February-September 2014 – Worked as a volunteer with a friend for no income to expand his products and offer online sales for his company called Cameras On Patrol Systems. Because of work ethic differences, we terminated our business relationship but remained friends.

October 2014-June 2016 – Worked as a volunteer with a friend for no income as a startup company for the product that became ViewClix. Because of business behavioral differences that my friend refused to get counsel, we never signed an agreement as partners, terminated our business relationship, and now Google, Amazon, and Facebook have released competing products.

12 January 2015 – Troy had the first panic attack in Orlando at Universal Studios, later diagnosed by mental health experts and treated by Veterans Affairs.

April 2015Could not pay my income tax for 2014 due to no income. If I pulled 401K money to pay these taxes, I would have to pay taxes on the income withdrawn to pay these taxes (double taxation?). This debt accrued interest and penalties, now I am today still paying this debt off until March 2022.

27 November 2015 – I turned 59½ years old; now my 401K early retirement withdrawal penalties are no longer charged against me.

August 2015 – Started attending Lee Road Safe Neighborhood (LRSN) association community meetings to get our neighborhood cleared of trash, invasive exotic species, and slowing traffic down on our residential road.

June 2015 – Wrote US Florida Senator Bill Nelson requesting Federal Student Loan forgiveness (can’t find original document). Had to followup multiple times to get attention and response that suggested filling out FSA forms for forgiveness in class action claims against other for-profit colleges accused of fraud and job placement misrepresentation.

July 2015 – Received Florida Governor Response to Senator Bill Nelson’s letter that was ineffective because it suggested I contact the Department of Economic Opportunity from whom I never received a response after two calls.

November 2015 – Submitted Borrow’s Defense to Repayment application based on conversations and final FSA defense application package received from Bill Nelson’s office. This submission included Return on Investment for the Entertainment Industry Incentive Programs, January 2015, and my Valencia College Transcripts, 2009-2011. Because the Senator’s office had an invalid address of my old local Post Office Box , I had to contact their office to give them my current PO address. This application did not include Valencia College from the list of options on the form.

During this time, I sent email to the FSA administrator requesting status and received “pending” email responses with unknown completion estimates. Also during this time was volunteering work with ViewClix.

17 March 2016 – Troy prescription change from SSRI to Benzodiazepine for chronic panic/anxiety attack that occurred at Production Resources Group. Determined disabled.

April 2016 – Wrote Senator Bill Nelson letter requesting Student Loan status.

27 May 2016 – I turned 60 years old; no career, no income, still today accruing IRS 2014 Income Tax interest and penalties, ACA taxes and penalties, and Student Loan increasing balance with postponement penalties and interest and no way to pay. In a few days, I would be resigning from ViewClix due to leadership incompetence and inferior product destined for failure.

8 August 2016 – Delivered final LRSN DRAFT Bylaws to enable organization to certify for IRS 501c3 and DRAFT was board approved during community meeting.

12 August 2016 – Sent letter to Valencia College President, Sandy Shugart, asking why my application for a Valencia College job opportunity that I had already proven my experience in the same Film Department had been dismissed without an interview. I never received a response from my printed letter to his office.

September 2016 – Wrote Senator Bill Nelson another letter requesting Student Loan status.

September 2016 – Received Federal Student Loan “Claim Under Review” letter.

During this time, was sending email to FSA administrator and Laura Basford checking for Claim Status.

December 2016 – Elected for LRSN Executive Board Secretary.

IRS Attempt to Opt-Out of ACA TAX Interlude:

15 January 2017 – Received IRS Phishing for Funds letter.

20 January 2017 – Wrote IRS a letter explaining hypocrisy and that I cannot afford Affordable Care Act (ACA) taxes and penalties. I requested to Opt-Out of ACA.

26 January 2017 – Received IRS Investigation letter, which resulted in another IRS “Resolution” letter later saying there is no way to opt out of the ACA taxes and penalties. This final letter explains that I have no way to avoid a yearly tax and penalty that was not part of my retirement plans nor budgets. What happened to taxation without representation? I haven’t been to a medical doctor in 10 years (as of this post, 5 months later). For my healthcare, I have to spend $150 every 3 months to have my teeth deep-cleaned to prevent losing more teeth to periodontitis disease (not covered by ACA-forced insurance).

13 March 2017 – Received invalid email address for Laura Basford re: Claim Under Review request for status. This alarmed me since Donald Trump was inaugurated USA President and had appointed a new Secretary, Betsy DeVos, to eradicate the education department and with it my forgiveness request and application. I have no idea what happened to my claim nor whether anyone would followup on it. This prompted my next letters.

30 March 2017 – Submitted Lee Road Safe Neighborhood Community Park proposal to Orange County Commissioners and Parks & Recreation to improve our neighborhoods.

31 March 2017 – Wrote Senator Nelson, Senator Rubio, and Governor Scott letters requesting Federal Student Loan forgiveness. Senator Rubio’s letter generated the FSA Loan Foregiveness Rejection letter below. Governor Scott’s letter generated a separate letter from the Florida Department of Education with a response (not included in this post) that they are not involved in Federal Loans, obviously.

15 May 2017 – Received FSA Loan Forgiveness Rejection letter generated in response to Marco Rubio letter. At this point, I have submitted a claim request that has vanished with FSA and Laura Basford contacts, and have now been told there is no forgiveness option for my loan.

27 May 2017 – My 61st Birthday, no career, no income, today still accruing IRS 2014 Income Tax interest and penalties, ACA taxes and penalties, and Student Loan balance increasing with postponement penalties and interest and still no way to pay.


3 June 2017 – Wrote Florida Senator Mike Miller and Representative Randolph Bracy letters requesting loan and career-killing repayment.

15 June 2017 – Received email from Marco Rubio’s office explaining the Senator’s role in government and suggesting I write the Governor and State Legislators.

16 June 2017 – Wrote Governor Scott letter requesting reimbursement for college and life savings reimbursement, mailed printed today, sent email 19 June 2017 with a link to this timeline.

13 July 2017 – Received a call from May Rowan who suggested I file a Claim Bill and for assistance contact the Florida office of Legislation Information. I called them and they suggested I call a house or senate Bill Drafting rep because they only get Claim Bills from them. I called them and they said my local district house/senate reps needed to file the claim to them.

18 July 2017 – I sent an emergency request to Senator Randolph Bracy and Representative Mike Miller to file a Claim Bill before 1 August, but they declined. One office responded that Claim Bills are only for medical claims and the other office did not understand the situation nor support it.

This same morning I learned that my dentist had not informed me that a cavity had decayed a large amount of my molar to the point I needed to pay for two crown molar replacements requiring more 401K funds and the associated IRS taxes as income.

19 July 2017 – Met with Orange County District 5 Commissioner Emily Bonilla to propose the Lee Road Safe Neighborhood Community Gardens and Park.

25 August 2017 – Met with Commissioner Bonilla, Public Works, and Community, Environment, & Development Services Directors to propose the Lee Road Safe Neighborhood Community Gardens and Park. Obtained County approval to continue forward with a feasibility study of the proposed properties.

11 September 2017 – Hurricane Irma hits our home killing power for over a week. This required purchasing a power generator ($500+) and replacing our power entrance weather head and breaker box ($1,300). The cleanup involved many hours of plant debris removal, cutting huge branches from an oak that fell over our driveway, and restoring fallen privacy fence panels.

21 September 2017 – Learned engine service light identified the exhaust solenoid needs replacing and shipped from California ($400+). On drive home, learned front driver side shocks are grating like metal against metal hammers.

29 September 2017 – Had two molars crowns installed costing $1200 plus $871 for root canal.

16 October 2017 – Had bridge removed costing $366.

17 October 2017 – Had four struts replaced on my car costing over $1000.

25 October 2017 – Submitted a “reimbursement grant” application to the Koch Foundation. Received an email stating this was not possible from the foundation to which I responded to escalate to someone who might be able to address the lobbyist destroying my career. Never received a response to this inquiry.

3 November 2017 – Had extensive periodontal exam and deep cleaning costing $114.

7 November 2017 – Had a third crown installed costing $615.

7 November 2017 – Due to apathetic Orange County representatives and a ballistic and unprofessional Lee Road Safe Neighborhood Vice President who violated basic business ethics and behavior, I resigned from my Secretary position as documented in my resignation letter.

1 December 2017 – Had a fourth crown installed to allow cavities be filled between teeth costing $974.

24 January 2018 – Submitted online recommendation request from Florida State Attorney General’s office and received this email response.

26 January 2018 – Submitted an online student loan forgiveness request from the DOE Federal Student Aid Ombudsman Group based on the Attorney General’s email.

During this period, received approvals to extend my student loan for another year, both in 2018 and 2019.

July 2018 – Started my Social Security monthly distributions and terminated my 401K distributions along with IRS required overpayment withdrawals.

8 August 2018Had periodontal laser surgery to remove disease and bone grafted costing over $3000.

19 September 2018Had periodontal laser surgery to remove disease (second half) costing over $2500.

22 January 2019 – Signed up and received approval for IRS back taxes repayment plan.

18 March 2019 – Received notification that the IRS has retained my $699 refund check.

6 May 2019 – Sent letter requesting my refund check be deposited into my bank account. Did not receive a response.

10 June 2019 – Called IRS asking if they received my letter and what was their response to it and was told to contact my Legislator to request the tax code be changed. I also requested a copy of the phone transcript which they could not provide.

18 June 2019 – Received IRS letter requesting 60 days to resolve this issue but does not say what issue. It could be to refund the money or respond to my request for a response to my letter.

20 July 2019Received FSA letter stating my loan discharge “application remains under review,” based on Senator Nelson’s request.

13 August 2019Had fractured tooth surgically removed and bone grafted costing over $1000.

26 October 2019 – Sent Florida US Senators, Marco Rubio and Rick Scott, each a package containing two requests: Student Loan Forgiveness and IRS Tax Code Change with 2018 refund. This was the second time contacting both of these about the loan and this time I included IRS embezzlement that should not include over-withholding funds from those forced into early retirement withdrawal with penalties, poverty-level income, and primary caretakers of disabled US Army Vets.

November 2019 – Job offer showing $16/hour rate for whatever we might need. This is a clear sign the person is inexperienced and high risk for failing to document their requirements clearly.

”Hey Frank, I pulled your number from Film Orlando.

My name is Daniel, I’m a production coordinator in Los Angeles and we are producing a booth for the Gartner Convention at the Swan Resort.

We’re looking for a PA to drive us back and forth from our hotel and help us and our director get set up and get around the city for whatever we might need.

Are you available from the 18th to the 22nd? The rate would be ;[$]200/12 hours.

— Daniel

26 October 2019 – Received email from Marco Rubio’s office saying their staff had contacted staff at IRS and Student Loan services.

26 November 2019 – Received voicemail from Maria Silvia saying to call her back, which I did and left a message which she never returned.

27 November 2019 – Received email from Marco Rubio stating that Taxpayer Advocate Service had contacted their office and I can’t get my refund. I immediately responded asking if they had read the issue package I had submitted and what I was actually requesting.

10 December 2019 at 10:39AM – Received survey to fill out opinion implying my issue was closed. Wrote a response asking about a response to my previous email and if my case has been closed. Added “I would like to know so I can take my next step by contacting an attorney who specializes in these types of cases.”

10 December 2019 – Received voicemail from a rep in Marco Rubio’s office saying I couldn’t get my tax refund back, which was the same failed result repeated, which did not address the issue. He repeatedly said there was nothing else they (we) can do. This incompetence really pissed me off as a US citizen and a US Senator from Florida. This rep was clueless.

11 December 2019 – Received Federal Student Loan letter via email that said “application is ineligible for relief based on review of the facts of your claim and the regulatory criteria for relief; this decision means that your Direct Loans will not be discharged.”

12 December 2019 – Replied with Rebuke letter to Federal Student Loan email address saying I cannot repay the loan due to no income.

Spoke to Orlando-local Marco Rubio office rep about the IRS Tax Code Change and once again he referred me to someone else, this time the Marco Rubio Washington DC Legislative aid for tax code issues. This rep had no answer when I asked why he didn’t recommend this in our previous email. I don’t know how this country continues to operate so ignorantly and not answer questions to solve problems.

Left message for Maria Silvia, Taxpayer Advocate Service rep, to return my call.

13 December 2019 – Attempted to contact a legislative aid but when choosing the option to speak to an office rep, their phone service disconnects the call. I sent an email from their website reporting this anomaly.

Maria Silvia returned my call and we went through all the details of my tax refund extortion. She replied it is the law and I should have filed a hardship for for 2018 but now it’s too late. I replied that I filed in 2014 for hardship and nothing has changed. Why would there be any deadline for citizens dealing with hardships and why would they think that has changed and not gotten worse, I asked. She replied it’s the law. I repeated to her that was why I contacted my senators in the first place. They referred me to Maria. I requested a copy of the laws that create this extortion and deadlines, so I can use them to fix the tax code with my senator. She agreed to do that.

22 December 2019 – Received IRS package with two pre-printed IRS publications, #594 and The Taxpayer Bill of Rights. There is no mention from whom it was sent nor why. It is merely a listing of IRS rules and no specific tax code.

25 December 2019 – My letter to our senator caused the Fed Student Loan office to reply to me that my loan was ineligible for discharge but left an appeal option for me to describe why I should be included in the Higher Education Act of 1965 and the Borrower Defense regulations. Their response back to my senator was that my case will be in review (as part of the current school fraud class action suit – ignore the letter’s date because the senator received it on 17 December). Today, I received a letter stating my loan is in forbearance until June 2023.

17 January 2020 – After speaking to two TAS representatives, I sent an email to Marco Rubio’s Orlando office informing them that I had not received contact from a legislative aid in their Washington office. I also reported my experience with the IRS TAS organization as pasted below.

I spoke to the IRS Taxpayer Advocate Services and they were totally incompetent and could not provide what their website advertises. I asked them simply for the tax law that said they can overwithdraw my quarterly withdrawal amount and not refund it because outstanding debt even though I have a repayment plan with the IRS. A similar thing happened with my mortgage holder that incorrectly estimated my escrow payments. Instead, they sent an overpayment check for the amount over-collected last year.

That’s how capitalism works and not loan shark behaviors of double dipping. I would like this tax law changed and my hard earned money returned to survive in this corruption. Please contact me soon.

Later that same day, Hunter Kosik, legislative aid from Rubio’s DC office, called me and I explained the situation and issue to him. He requested I send him my supporting documentation for him to review and I sent this in an email later that day. Because Monday is Martin Luther King holiday, I suspect it will take him a while to get back to this issue but in my email I requested he confirm he received my email. If I don’t hear from him today, I will followup to confirm he received my email tomorrow.

21 January 2020 – Filed a SPLC request to shutdown the Taxpayer Advocate Services organization due to corruption and predatory practices.

29 January 2020 – Received two Nelnet computer generated letters at the post office. One says a $5,000+ credit has been applied to my loan due to delayed office actions. The other said payments will begin in June 2020, which contradicts the last correspondence received on 25 December 2019.

31 January 2020 – Sent an email to Rubio’s office sharing what another two US Senators have done with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by sending a letter of demand for action regarding my student loan. Logged onto Nelnet and cancelled my auto-debit payments since I received the conflicting correspondences.

24 February 2020 – Called and left a message for Hunter Kosik asking the status of the IRS Tax Code changes. Did not receive a response.

2 March 2020 – Sent an email to Hunter Kosik asking for status and no response to phone call.

4 March 2020 – Called Rubio’s Orlando office and spoke to Alex who spoke to the case worker for this case and said he would follow up with Hunter. Later that day, I went to my local Trustco Bank branch to deposit Charles Moore’s Last Will and Testament in our safety deposit box. Below is the report I submitted to the Florida State Attorney’s online complaint form:

Today, 4 March 2020, I went to my branch, address: 1084 Lee Road, Suite 11, Orlando, FL 32804, to drop off paperwork in my safety deposit box. After a teller and I approached the box, we found a post-it note on my box #20 saying to see the manager, which is the second time this has happened. The first time, they said it was a mistake and we were able to access the content of our box. This time, the branch manager said they took all of the contents and stored it someplace he didn’t know where. He showed me documents where the branch personnel took the contents and stored them. He would not provide me copies of these documents because he said they were internal documents. At this point, I have no idea where my personal belongings are that include over $2000 worth of assets as well as legal documents. I asked the branch manager to get to bottom of this issue to tell me where my belongings are and return them. No one from the Trustco bank has ever contacted me about a safety deposit box issue even though I go to the branch ATM regularly, get cash from tellers, and I track my finances online through the Trustco website on almost a daily basis. This is theft and I feel like a victim not even knowing the bank stole my possessions from a safety deposit box. How can this happen?

6 March 2020 – Because I had not received any information from Trustco Bank, I called their customer support line and spoke to a rep who took my report and said someone would call back regarding this case. That actually happened. Ronnie from Trustco branch administration called to inform me what their incident report contained. She said they had a notary public witness the drilling and content removal. The report said the branch made multiple attempts to contact me in September and October 2017, and there was no content in the box, it was empty. This contradicted what the branch manager told me that was the contents were stored somewhere in the bank. This also occurred just after hurricane Irma 11 September 2017 while we were cleaning up and repairing damage caused by the storm. At that time, I was communicating with power restoration contractors, insurance claim agents, and banks to manage restoration funds. No one from Trustco Bank branch said anything to me about the safety deposit box, even though I visited their tellers in September and October 2017.

10 March 2020 – Called Rubio’s Orlando Office and spoke to a male who said I should talk to Mark, the case worker for my two issues, who will be in the office tomorrow. I asked if the Marco Rubio Meet-and-Greet meeting invitation was something I should attend but he said he didn’t know and I should talk to Mark about that. He said he would leave a message for Mark to call.

After speaking with the Florida State Attorney’s office rep who suggested I contact the Office of Comptroller for Currency, I spoke to a rep from that office who took my information and also recommended I file a formal complaint on their helpmewithmybank.org website, which I did. The rep also suggested I check the website that tracks confiscated property from bank boxes that are unclaimed. I checked but did not find any results matching my name. Later that day, I received confirmation of my claim transaction as well as an email from Trustco bank district office informing me this issue has been escalated to headquarters and they would be contacting me regarding the theft.

11 March 2020 – After 9AM, I called Rubio’s Orlando Office and spoke to a different male rep who said he was just then typing up an email to Mark for him to call me about the IRS issue. He said things were hectic right now due to meetings in Tampa for two days and everyone was now returning to the Orlando office. I never heard from Mark and tried calling two more times later in the day but before the 1PM Meet-and-Greet start time. Because I had not received a call from Mark, I assumed my attendance wasn’t necessary. 

16 March 2020 – Received the stupid repeat response from the VP of Trustco Bank Customer Service group. I immediately wrote a written response that rebutted his conflicting information and ignoring my request for an internal criminal investigation or to return my possessions. Besides the CAG OCC he copied, I also copied the Florida Attorney General and US Senator Rubio, the latter in hopes of making progress on the IRS corruption.

18 March 2020 – Received response from 4 March submission to Florida Attorney General’s Office.

19 March 2020 – Received yet another Nelnet reversal letter, again stating payment postponement until June 2022.

4 April 2020 – Received complicit email from OCC/CAG supporting Trustco bank employees bank robbery. 

16 April 2020 – Received a repeat complicit email from OCC/CAG containing the same information from their previous email. The next day, I responded with the same questions I asked that were not answered with the following introduction for tier 3 Ombudsman resolution.

This is my third attempt to get answers to my enumerated questions included with this submission. The previous two responses from Trustco Bank and OCC/Customer Assistance Group proved their lack of mental competency in that their responses were the same information repeated with expectations of different results. I expect enumerated answers to each of my questions with yes or no responses and supporting documentation or resources, such as US bank laws or other consumer protection procedures to prevent criminal activities.

Based on those repeated answers that fail to address new factual evidence I provided that differs from their fraudulent evidence, these individuals are complicit with aiding and abetting criminal activities and covering up criminal actions. 

I want my personal property returned to me.

25 April 2020 – Sent the following email to the Taxpayer First Act “to broadly redesign the Internal Revenue Service,” per their website.

Do you have feedback you’d like to share as we continue to implement the Taxpayer First Act? Yes. See below.

Remove the IRS option to embezzle overpayments when an outstanding back tax repayment plan has been started. I was required to pay withholding in 2018 then these overpayment funds were applied to the back taxes because I could not afford to pay for 2014 taxes due to financial hardship. My family survives on poverty level Social Security income including a disabled US Army Veteran. My overpayment refund should not have been applied to this outstanding debt because I had started a repayment plan AND my family needs income to survive. Double dipping is a financial fraud term used to describe this crime.

I have also requested my US Senators to change the tax laws, as described above, but little has been accomplished with this request since January 2020.

28 April 2020Deposited Corona Virus Relief Check by opening SunTrust (now Truist) checking and savings accounts.

May 2020 – Filed for Troy’s Social Security Insurance (SSI) to see if he can get any benefits for being disabled.

18 May 2020 – After a month waiting for an answer, the Ombudsman replied yet again complicit with corrupt and illegal bank negligence. Time to call the lawyers.

22 May 2020 – Met with Justin Clark to debrief him on Student Loan Fraud, IRS Embezzlement, and Trustco Bank Robbery. Home work completed by sending email with links to all salient documents for these issues. 

19 June 2020 – Met again face-to-face with Justin Clark to discuss the three cases, since he never called for our phone meetings three times. I told him we should focus on the bank neglect case for now and he said that wasn’t something that he could prove. He suggested suing the bank but it would cost $5000 or more, and that’s way over the content of the safe. He then suggested I file through small claims court and try to get them to pay for the missing items, due to their neglect. I asked if he would write a letter or give them advanced notice and he replied his fee is $1500 for that. I asked his advice about getting an attorney to represent me for the small claims by contacting Orange County Bar Association (OCBA) for a referral. He said that was a great idea and to keep him informed as to my progress.

I then asked his advice about the student loan fraud cases and he reminded me that all those agencies are still closed for lockdown (he told me this the last time we met) and nothing is happening. He said my case should be included in the fraud cases he is handling. Then I concluded saying that the IRS is something I will handle with our senator to get the law changed. This was prompted after receiving two virus checks ($1200 for each of us) from the IRS, so I’m not going to push for a refund.

After I returned home, I immediately connected with the OCBA and was able to get an online referral, for free. I then called the attorney they recommended and he called back within ten minutes. I spoke for a few minutes and told him I’d send him the evidence for the case and we scheduled a meeting call for 24 June at 2PM.

29 June 2020 – Ended up with two referral attorneys, the first wanted $1000 retainer and the second was a wonderful woman who spent time on the phone discussing the matter, recommended who should be defendants, and how to fill out the form. She said no charge but I said it will be worth it for me and she sent an invoice for $75 due now and $75 if I win. 

During this time, I filled out the courthouse’s Small Claims form and ordered replacements for my Birth Certificate and Vehicle Title stolen by the bank employees. 

1 July 2020 – After working with Mary Ann Etzler to edit my small claims application and sending her a check, I filed my claim at the county courthouse. What a high school flashback as four clerks joked, laughed, hollered across the room, and called me Mister Frank. There were no instructions how the process works nor signs indicating the “windows” where one was supposed to report.

It appears some in the clerk’s office are more knowledgeable than others because the clerk helping me had to ask another clerk about how I had filled out the form. Neither was familiar with multiple defendants/addresses of the bank, branch manager, and registered agent, like Mary Ann advised. When they questioned my form, I just said my attorney told me to do it that way. Then one of them asked if I had an attorney and I said yes. From then on, everything went smoothly and worked just like she said. And what a racket that is.

Then came flying at me the paper copies of the subpoenas and receipts that I shorted the amount on the single check in my checkbook by $20. I covered that with a bill but only got a receipt for that amount and not the $300 check I wrote. I had to followup the next day to get digital copies of my receipts sent to me by email (which was a relief instead of paper). I also had to pay the Orange Count Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) $80 to server the subpoenas. My total time in the courthouse was 1 hour and 19 minutes, that cost $4 for parking, total visit cost $404.

8 July 2020 – Contacted OCSO to learn that both defendants in this case have been served subpoenas as of yesterday. That same day, Trustco Bank registered agent, Jeffry Jontz, filed a Motion to Dismiss. This set me in motion to object and prepared a draft Opposition to Dismissal for Mary Ann’s review. This continued my research, revisions, notarizing, and completing forms until 15 July.

During this time, I also filled out Social Security disability forms for Troy and me to submit by postal mail. 

15 July 2020 – Notarized both the Orange County Records Access and Troy’s Sworn Affidavit, updated the final Objection document with Exhibits A-I, and submitted it around 3PM. After that, I received an auto-generated “Filing Received” email. Then two minutes later, I received another email saying “Notice of Email Delivery Failure” for the email distribution list I had selected (which was sourced from the county database). So, I asked the tech rep what does that mean and he told me I needed to contact my email service provider and have my personal email address “whitelisted” (not a politically correct name today and I don’t know the replacement name). He also told me I should have checked myself on the email distribution list when I submitted the form. That was total bullshit.

He finally said he could do nothing to fix the problems and that the county would have to reject it or something. So, I called Orange County Call Center and the very efficient and congenial rep checked their website and saw nothing had arrived or showing in their system. I told her what the e-file tech rep said about calling my email service provider and she said she’d never heard anything like that before, as I had not. We decided to give the transaction some time to be batch processed and three hours later, my Objection showed online.

One irritating restriction the e-file system has is that I, as a self-litigant, cannot see the pdf contents after I submit the final transaction. Only attorneys can. Makes absolutely no sense to me.

29 September – While replacing the final documents in my stolen safety box, I found my Last Will and Testament source file containing the following instructions:

In witness whereof I have signed this will in Trustco Bank, 1084 Lee Road, Orlando, Florida 32810, on the 24th of August 2018 in the presence of the undersigned witnesses who in my presence and in the presence of each other have signed this will as witnesses. 

This evidence proves that I opened and stored this document in my safety box because it was an important document for our family and when I write instructions, I complete them. This led to me contacting county lawyers to determine how to subpoena the bank to test my key for their failures, as I charged.

1 December 2020 – The process is 1) Request Discovery of documents and things, 2) Demand Discovery of the same, and 3) Compel the Discovery. The first resulted in the defense objection. The second resulted in no response. The third response is yet to be determined because just yesterday I learned from Mary Ann that I should file the motion to compel a discovery without and attorney, although this was confusing in the manual she sent. I wrote her a question about this case because the judge’s administrative assistant (JAA) sent a confusing email regarding the defense’s request for expediting the hearing due to their workload. Here is the response from the JAA:

The Non-Jury Trial for this case will be set for a date in late February. The previous date advised was incorrect. That notice will be sent out this month. Does this motion still need to be set on the Judges docket? All other correspondences will have to be written and filed in the case for the Judges [SIC] review and not by email, thank you.

I sent an email to Mary Ann asking for belated “Ask A Lawyer a Question” county sponsored free advice:

Thank you for your advice and the document link below. I followed your instructions to submit a demand and have not received response to that which I filed last Monday with a 5 day timer (they still have Monday). Case # 2020-SC-028238-O.

What it says in this handbook about motions to compel is “the losing party shall be required to pay ‘reasonable expenses incurred,’ including attorneys’ fees, in obtaining an order compelling discovery or successfully opposing the motion.”

Does this mean I should/need to hire an attorney for this compel motion and are you interested in doing this?

One other recent issue that transpired this morning is the following email:

The Non-Jury Trial for this case will be set for a date in late February. The previous date advised was incorrect. That notice will be sent out this month. Does this motion still need to be set on the Judges docket? All other correspondences will have to be written and filed in the case for the Judges [SIC] review and not by email, thank you.

Yanely Figueroa

This email was in response to defense email request for Continuance of Trial for December instead of the “incorrect” 29 January 2021 date scheduled by judge Steve Jewett, standing in for Tina Caraballo who provided that “incorrect” January date to Steve. It appears the judge isn’t paying any interest in this case.

Again I appreciate all your help with this matter and would like to be done with it sooner than 2021. I just want to test my key to see if it works or not!

Mary Ann responded with the following:

Frank, please see my responses below in bolded comments.  And note that all further correspondence will be billed in advance before responding, as it takes substantial time away from paying clients to respond to all of your emails.  I am happy to help but my legal advice and time needs to be compensated.

I responded with the following:

As I have said in the past, I appreciate your help with these matters. Because you volunteer assist for OCBA, I thought a few suggestions for us local citizens trying to navigate a screwed up judicial system, misinformation, and websites was appropriate for simple questions. Besides, I was asking if I should hire you as an attorney based on information you provided me, then you respond with “further correspondence will be billed in advance.”

What do you want? A retainer? I am already a paid client, so I assumed my credit is good.

Is there something personal about me that you don’t wish to work with me? Do you think this is a lost case? I’m only asking for help to get my life’s savings back. I’ve had a very misfortunate last 13 years and too screwed up and long to include here, like this bank robbery, if you cared.

As for billing, your response to the judicial assistance’s email doesn’t address her question “Does this motion still need to be set on the judges docket?” The motion regarding her email was to set the trial date in December based on the JACS calendar, as you suggested I do now from the same JACS calendar. It sounds like the answer to her question is yes the trial need to be set on the judge’s docket. We already had it scheduled for January by the stand-in judge. Now I have to submit yet another motion for Continuance of Trial even though the judicial assistant says “The Non-Jury Trial for this case will be set for a date in late February?”

If you feel a response to this email needs to be billed in advance, please do not bother to reply. My need to file a motion to compel seems like yet another “go fetch the witch’s broom” distraction because no one is doing his/her job to fix this simple and stupid/criminal problem.

So, today I responded to the JAA affirmatively and asked if this causes any issues. Then spent the rest of the day filing yet another document for defense objections and the judge to ignore.

21 December 2020 – After email from Judge Tina Caraballo’s assistant requesting I refrain from asking any questions and to call the Court Clerks for filing any issues, motions, or correspondences, I called the clerks she suggested and their recommendation was to file a complaint, which I did. Of course, this is after miscommunications from every level or judicial system (i.e. Clerk suggested Orange County Bar Association that does nothing like this, OCBA suggested calling the Florida Judicial Quaification Commission which doesn’t take calls, but requires filling out a complaint form, which I did). I submitted the following testimony:

I am filing this complaint based on the Orange County Courthouse Clerk recommendation after reviewing my motions filed as listed below. The judge’s assistant instructed me to contact the clerk’s office for any “inquiries/letters/motions must be in writing and filed with the Clerk of Courts,” which I did and got the clerk’s complaint recommendation.

10/2/2020 Request for Documents – Defense objected.
11/16/2020 Demand for Discovery – No response.
12/1/2020 Motion to Compel – No response/No action.

The clerk told me that the judge should have taken action on the Motion to Compel which is why he said the only thing remaining to do is to file a complaint.

This judge also had a “stand-in” judge for our Pre-Trial Hearing which was nothing but a conversation to schedule the Non-Jury Trial on 29 January 2021. That turned out to be an inaccurate date and was subsequently rescheduled for 10 February 2021.

In the interim, I have sent multiple email to the judge’s assistant asking for when the judge would take action on my motions that I filed per her instructions. The only response I got was to contact the clerk’s office.

This is a simple bank robbery case or a case of employee incompetency that my discovery will provide crucial evidence to simplify the case and close it in one formal trial. This lack of action appears to be withholding evidence. I would like to request this judge, a stand-in judge, or a replacement take action immediately. My complaint is about the judge’s or her assistant’s inactions and misinformation regarding my case.

The content of the safe deposit box are my life’s savings. No one appears to care.

26 January 2021: After meeting with an OCBA Rent-an-attorney, learned I had to file for a hearing which I did and got scheduled today. During this meeting, the judge asked for any video surveillance from the attorney (which was never provided) and ordered my key to be tested within 10 days. Opposing counsel scheduled 29 January 2021 at 10AM for this order to be completed.

29 January 2021: Went to Trustco Bank Lee Road branch and opened my box #20 to retrieve all our possessions. I told the witnesses that this proves fraud had been committed.


10 February 2021: Judge ordered the defense to pay for half of my court expenses and only sanctioned them for $200 for withholding evidence. She refused my request to pay for my time investigating this fraud and attempted Grand Theft Larceny by the VP. She told me to report this crime to the Feds; this was a civil trial and the Feds handle bank crimes. I hung up before the judge completing her discussion with opposing counsel. A few days later, I filed my complaint on the FBI tips reporting website but never heard back.

Trial Script – 10 Feb 2021

Final Evidence – Notice of Filing-efile

3 March 2021 – After a year of acute and chronic heart palpitations and finding a medicine that stopped these symptoms, went to Doctor Lanza in Lake Mary to ask for a prescription for this medication. He said I would have to go through thousands of dollars of tests to determine the heart irregularities to stop the palpitations. I told him what the problem, symptoms, and solution was to the problem but he could not prescribe this medication. For details, see my Heart Palpitation Timeline.

9 September 2021 – After months of delays and denials from Trustco Bank corporate attorney, I submitted my final complaint to the Better Business Bureau demanding the bank reimburse all my courthouse expenses. Instead, the BBB sided with the bank and said the court had determined the amount of reimbursement and that was their final decision.


Our family (My partner of 20+ years and two dogs) lives in a modest 1200 square foot home that I pay monthly mortgage payments of a little over $400 per month (neighboring renters pay over $1200/month for same living space). I pay for all living expenses from my monthly Social Security income. Our only vehicle is a 1998 Honda CR-V that I have meticulously maintained since I bought it new that year and expected it to last a long time, frugally.

Because of insurance corruption, we only have the one car that is now over 20 years old. In 2016, my partner’s vehicle was hit by a teenage driver while he was returning from his Veteran’s Administration psychiatrist appointment. We didn’t have the funds then to pay for the deductible, so the car sat for months while he adjusted to his new treatment and was unable to work.

After paying an attorney to demand the accident be paid by the faulty driver, the cosmetic damages to his vehicle were repaired then the engine started pinging that was diagnosed as needing to be replaced because the piston were damaged. The blue book value for the car was $3000 but an engine would cost $6000 and up. No insurance company would pay for this because the car sat too long.

In 2018, we replaced our home’s roof with hurricane insurance funds and I paid to replace our privacy fence that was dropping planks on almost a weekly basis. I liquidated my life savings IRA to replace many things failing due to age (like my Dental Health) and product obsolescence.

My dental health is excellent now and is ready for teeth implants when I can afford them. I now have been diagnosed by BioSpine Institute physician assistant with stenosis in my lower lumbar spine that will require surgery. I can walk but the missing disks cause tingling and numbness in my legs. I am now on Part B of Medicare to pay for these procedures but I have no idea until after 23 November when Dr Claybrooks, BioSpine surgion, will determine the prognosis based on MRI scan I obtained early November.

There is more to our story but I’ve tried to include only the salient points relative to an education reimbursement and relief from IRS loan shark behaviors.

The article below is where we feel we are these days.

Recent Atlantic Article on Middle Class Destruction

Our family needs the Florida State Government or someone who can help to find funds to reimburse my life savings and repay these debts because of the lobbyists and legislators that killed my career opportunities. I have not calculated an amount but $100K is the maximum I would request. That was the amount of my 401K when I started to withdraw funds for my family to survive.

The IRS corruption continues in my Early Retirement Disasters blog.