Geekworm Raspberry Pi Full Function Motor HAT

This page contains the results of Geekworm Motor HAT purchased to configure into a remote controlled rover running two 6V DC motors and two PWM 5V motors. I am supplying 12V DC to the HAT and power is also provided by the MoPower UPS board that sits on top of the stack. I tested this configuration before I installed metal separators between the boards to level and align them.

Below is a video showing the DC motors running off the HAT.

The problem occurred after I installed the separators because now the PWM does not work. You can see in the video below how it behaves. Notice the light dims and starts flashing during this recording. The board has to be recycled power to get it reset to work again.

from __future__ import division
import time
from Raspi_PWM_Servo_Driver import PWM

pwm = PWM(0x6F)

pan_channel = 0
tilt_channel = 1

step_amount = 3

pan_center = 421
tilt_center = 450

pwm.setPWMFreq(60) # Set frequency to 60hz, good for servos.

pwm.setPWM(pan_channel, 0, pan_center)
pwm.setPWM(tilt_channel, 0, tilt_center)