Rover Piece Parts

Gimbal – Thingiverse 3D Print Files

  1. 3D Printer to create parts
  2. Camera ribbon cables
  3. Screws, bolts, and nuts – secures head, base, and housing
  4. Ball bearings – provides smooth agility to axis

Computer Components Beneath Gimbal

  1. Raspberry Pi 3B
  2. SB Components Motor HAT
  3. Makerfocus UPS HAT
  4. Wiring Jumper Board:
    1. Fans and Wheels connectors
    2. Stepper Motor Boards
  5. Wiring:
    1. Two five-wire cables with 5V between RPi and Stepper Board
    2. Two two-wire 12V motor cables output – combined to four wire
    3. Two two-wire 12V fan cables output – combined to four wire
    4. Two split to four-wire 12V cable power to Stepper and Wheel Motors
    5. One two-wire 12V power input cable from Battery or Transformer
    6. MicroUSB cable to UPS HAT to charge battery from Transformer


  1. Clear Acrylic sides cut 7″ x 3.75″
  2. Two 12VDC Fans and Grills
  3. Twelve brass philips head screws and grommets
  4. Two wood fence planks cut 7″ x 5.5″ with cutout centers for floor and ceiling
  5. One wood piece fan mount cut 3/4″ x 3/4″ x 5.5″
  6. Clear Acrylic Y cut key for front lock
  7. Velcro between Rig and Tank Wheel Base

Tank Wheel Base

  1. DFRobot Tank Wheel Chassis and two 6V Metal Motors
  2. Tenergy 12VDC NiMH Battery and cable
  3. FPV UBEC between Battery and Motor Board power inputs
  4. Standard 5.5m OD 2.1mm ID Male and Female connectors