Early Retirement Disasters

Because of the corruption in government, I am continuing my Elderly Career Change blog to give public access to an example of corruption by the US Congress and Internal Revenue Services. In 2014, I was too young to get Social Security benefits so I had to rely on my retirement savings to feed our family. That same year the Affordable Care Act doubled my income taxes because I could not afford it and would be penalized for being a smoker.

Today, it is Christmas 2018, I’m sixty-two years old, and still have not visited a doctor nor clinic since 2007 (the exceptions are that I have been to many dentists and periodontics as well as veterinary doctors), making it about 12 years now.

Yesterday, Christmas eve, I received a letter from IRS (dated 24 December 2018) stating they were garnishing my Social Security income up to 15% until the 2014 taxes and penalties are repaid in the sum of $1,133.80. They claim it is the law for the penalties and late fees. Those who created those laws did not include applicable hard-case scenarios and retirement forgiveness but required by the law they wrote with cross-organization income stealing. That is a corrupt system.

IRS Letter Dated 24 December 2018