Gift from the Computer Gods

 My partner, Troy, had another operational issue with his Apple MacBookPro (MBP) after installing the latest OSX release. Then, as coincidence has it, he couldn’t access his Thunderbolt Time Machine drive. I suggested he first try replacing the Thunderbolt Cable, since cables tend to fail on a regular and unpredictable occasions.
Well, Troy found that there apparently are expensive replacements starting at $29 online but it might be cheaper to buy in a brick-and-mortar store, considering shipping. Because I needed to replace my sun tea pitcher because the cheap handle broke off a second time after epoxy gluing it back in place, I offered to check out Best Buy to see what they had in stock.
Actually, we tried to call the store to see if they had them in stock but the outgoing message said they don’t do inventory checks over the phone.

I had thought there would be several options for Thunderbolt Cables with different kinds of optional adapters and competition. This was not the case at Best Buy. I did not ask but found only one cable, as illustrated in the photo below.

This turned out to be a discount gift from the Geek Squad that solved the Thunderbolt Drive accessibility malfunction.  Not only was it two dollars cheaper than online, it had been tested to confirm there was no damage to it.  In addition, the cable could be returned for full price, if it didn’t solve the problem.

Since it did solve the accessibility issue and the external drive now works, I am pleased to find a solution to yet another computer problem within a reasonable amount of time.  I thank the computer gods for their contribution.