Goddard Aquaponic Gardens – June 2013

This is the second post about the Goddard Aquaponic gardens story (Click HERE to view Part I) now one month after the previous post in May. Since then, the corn stalks have grown some and are about to bloom after being top eaten by a cut worm and several small caterpillars. The okra has filled out nicely, but several of the squash plants have rotted out on the ends, probably due to major rain storms, and were removed, and the beans have matured and started growing new pods. The tomato plant also got a nasty caterpillar during the rain storms, while we were prevented from inspections, and the center stalk rotted out thus allowing us to restart the stalk as a new plant.  The pictures below attempt to show our progress. Squash last month on left and now on right getting ready to bloom (bud):

Aquaponic Summer Squash Squash Bloom







Okra now on left and in bloom on right:
Okra Squash BasilOkra Blooms

Volunteer green bean plant from January now loaded with beans:

Green Beans OldSecondary green beans blooming on left and with bean starts on right:

Green Bean Flowers zoomGreen Beans Starting zoom And next, our terrestrial Tomato plant with fruit starting to ripen:

Tomato Full

In the picture above, you can see there are some branches missing in the top center where the bamboo poles stick out. That is where the center stalk rotted out. Below is the stalk in soil after it started sending out roots above the rot in a cup of water. We planted it in soil to hasten the root growth and restart it as a new plant. The milk crate is to prevent Ziggy from toppling the plant while playing ball on the back porch. Tomato Restart Below is the evil Hornworm caterpillar that ate the center tops off the Tomato plant above. It was euthanized minutes after Frank took this picture. Tomato Catepillar And finally, a picture of the third Swamp Hibiscus flower of this season. In the background, you can see the second blue Pickerel Weed flower of this season. Swamp Hibicus Later that afternoon, I downed two large Golden Goddess bamboo trunks with dead ends at the top so that I can use them for fence planks.

Bamboo Trunks Downed

Then later that evening, we were hit with another downpour rainstorm. After a long deluge of rain, one of the bamboo trunks bent over, weighed down with 5 dead Acrocomia Palm fonds. Bamboo Trunk Bent Down Then, within minutes, we heard a large SNAP and the trunk broke near the top of the bend. Bamboo Trunk Snapped An exciting end of a busy day in the aquaponic garden.