Ziggy’s First Beach Day

Florida’s maximum temperature average for May is 66F low and 88F high but 6 May 2013 was an exceptionally cool temperature when our whole famdamily boarded our CR-V mini-SUV to visit Ponce Inlet. This trip was for our 7 month old male Boston Terrier to experience the beach for his first time.

We arrived around 10am to setup our site on a 1/4 mile inlet beach with no other campers. There were a couple of people walking their dogs but after a few minutes, they departed the desolate beach.

Beach Vista

The temperature was in the mid-60s with breezes that chilled the shadowed parts of our bodies. Ziggy was timid to the water but eventually swam until the waves beat his nose and he realized he had no bottom to stand up out of the water.

Beach Camp May 2013

Ziggy obsessed with his blue ball as he chased, snorted, and volleyed it around the camp while Layla dug a quahog clam shell through the sand until she had a sand-beard.

Beach Dog Layla

Ziggy, being the puppy he is now, snorted enough sand into his stomach to produce sand castles from his butt.


After lunch, a young slim brown female boston terrier named Wanda showed up and ran loose on the beach in front of our camp. Our family watched with amazement at the agility and bounce Wanda exhibited in front of another small dog while running along the shoreline. It was only minutes before we decided to unleash our terrier to experience another breed of his kind. Unfortunately, his day had exhausted him and he lasted about an hour before turning into a Zombie dog. Also unfortunate was my stupidity for not taking pictures of Troy and Wanda playing Ziggy, both bouncing with glee.


Ziggy slept on his sister, Layla, part of the way home. They all had too much “gig-high” to sleep.

Beach Dog Freddie

Brother Freddie posing for picture. Thank you Troy!