Franks Travel Timeline

Frank’s Global Travel Timeline


Washington, DC – First Plane Flight just after birth – Not Global, just first flight


Cross US Country to Alaska with my parents, Bea and Harvey Gould


High School Cross France Country – Paris, Rouen, Le Mans, Tours, Orléans, and Versailles

January 1975

Stetson Europe Tour – Monte Carlo, Florence, Rome, and Germany

September 1985

NCR Video PC Support Trip from England to Scotland

April 1989

Cross Europe Sales Tour – Switzerland, England, Holland, Germany, and France

June 1990

Cross Europe Sales Tour – Germany, Norway, Denmark, Luxenburg, Holland, England, France, and Switzerland

November 1990

Cross New Zealand Country – Auckland, Rotorua, and Christchurch

November 1990

Cross Australia Country – Sydney, Cairns, Great Barrier Reef, and Canberra

May 1991

Amsterdam Trip with Tim Carpenter

March 1993

CEBit Show Augsburg Germany and Amsterdam visit

July-August 1993

Cross US Country with JR – East Coast, Canada, Mid-West, West Coast, and back

February 1995

Paris Trip with JR and Amsterdam visit

September 1999

Cross Costa Rica with Troy – San Jose, Limon, Puerto Viejo, and Turrialba

August 2001

Cross Peru Country – Lima, Explorama, ACEER, Pacaya-Samiria, Cusco, and Machu Picchu

Feb-March 2002

Cross Brazil Country – Sao Miguel, Sao Paulo, Pirenópolis, Rio, Brasilia, and Pantanal

July 2003

Cross Peru Amazon Country – Explorama, ACEER, Explornapo, Yagua, and Cieba Tops.

November 2004

Attended Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, Holland

August 2005

House Hunting in Costa Rica Quepos Pacific Coast

January 2006

San Salvador, El Salvador and surrounding areas.

June 2006

Cross Venezuela Country – Isla Margarita, Caracas, San Francisco, Colonia Tovar, and Henri Pettier.

December 2006

Spanish Immersion – Isla Margarita, Venezuela

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