Goddard Recovery Day

Yesterday, 2 October 2014, was a recovery day for the residents of a Goddard Avenue home in Orlando, Florida. Troy and I had lost two important items in our lives due to accidental casualties in their daily activities: Quad-copter propeller and Ziggy’s Big Blue Ball (BBB).

ARDrone2   Ziggy Big Blue Ball

The prop failure was caused by too many learning-curve practices that resulted in crashes that ultimately caused a motor to fail. Below is an illustration of what had to be replaced to get the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 back up and running. The blue rectangle contains the parts that were first replaced on each of the four arms: Prop, two gears, and axel. The hardest part of this exercise was aligning the axel at the top of the prop so that the C-clip slid into the microscopic slot at the end of the axel.

So, Troy and I replaced all the props and mechanical pieces to test if the motor would start working; it didn’t. So Troy ordered the replacement motor and it arrived the day before yesterday.

prop arm graphics

Yesterday morning, I replaced the motor and leg, the latter had continued to break off in crashes with any minute stress, like replacing the motor. The yellow arrow above identifies the motor that also included a small printed circuit board (PCB), see below, and the white arrow indicates the seam in leg where I glued the leg back (it actually stands slightly taller than the rest so it is no longer a flat plane when on a flat surface).

Drone MotorThe above illustration is to give you an idea how small the parts are for this drone. The six microscopic screws had to be pressure inserted into the PCB holes and then aligned beneath the top casing where the last three screws secures the top, the board, and into the bottom casing of the prop arm. It worked, first time trying!

This time I purchased Loctite Impact Resistant Superglue to glue the leg back on the base of the prop arm. Before, I had tried Loctite Special Plastic Superglue that didn’t appear to bond properly. Well, after a day of practice, the copter has crashed twice, using the new glue, and the leg is still attached.

The other replacement was a late evening ball playing incident that resulted in an unretrievable ball in the dark. After many days of rain, the ball was not needed because it was too wet to walk or play ball in our neighborhood park. This afforded me time to search the local area, not remembering (it was late) where I threw the ball.

At lunch, still yesterday, I ate at Beefy King before searching the stores for a replacement ball. After the first pet store, Frank found the ball at Sports Authority, a little further down the road. It worked. Ziggy is now suckling and flying in the sky for his Big Blue Ball!

Ziggy Flying

And finally, below is a cropped picture from the drone test flight yesterday of me flagging the drone while wearing the Oregon State University tee-shirt that Rob Ranck gave me. This is just days before Frank planned to drive to Tampa to meet up and celebrate Rob’s anniversary with his wife Cathy.

Frank Flagging

While at Beefy King, a patron cheered me and said, “Go Beavers!” It took me a minute to figure out what the guy was saying!

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